Who we are

VG League is comprised of individuals and organizations hoping to see community eSports gaming expand at the local level.  Similar to traditional youth sports leagues, VG League is focused on helping recreation departments and after school facilities develop and grow eSports programs which encourage players to interact in a team oriented environment.

VG League was founded by an avid PC gamer that grew up on community baseball and soccer fields.  Knowing the positive lessons that can be learned from playing team sports, VG League hopes to provide parents and young adults with an option to get off the couch and play video games in a socially interactive environment.  For decades, local recreation departments have been the backbone of youth oriented sports programs, and VG League is committed to helping those organizations continue to attract as many players as possible to come out and enjoy the communities they have already created.


  • Access to Organized League Games
  • Parent/Player Registration
  • Team and Season Management
  • Tournament Setups
  • Startup Consultation & Installation Options
  • Hardware, Player Setup, & Support Packages
  • Community Forums & How To Videos


VG League (Video Game League for those that are wondering) is a startup company that provides services and expertise to community groups such as recreation departments and after school programs interested in expanding their existing offerings to include an organized eSports program.  It is not our goal to create the modern version of an arcade, but rather introduce many of these organizations to the burgeoning world of eSports.

Much like traditional sports, eSports involves structured practice sessions, active coaching, and competition in a friendly environment.  As VG League grows, League members will see the development of post season tournaments, standardized rules for popular games, and camps designed to help new coaches and players expand their skill sets.

eSports is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world, and college scholarships and professional careers are becoming very real opportunities for players.  VG League hopes to provide local communities with the resources they need to help their players be better suited to take advantages of these types of opportunities and to teach local parents about this exciting new field.